Defining BombDiggity

BOMBDIGGITY, LLC is an integrated Marketing, Advertising, Branding, & PR Agency.

Why the catchy name? Have you ever heard someone in a casual conversation say “Well aren’t YOU the bombdiggity?”

Bombdiggity isn’t in any traditional dictionary, but defines it as the following:

Bombdiggity (adj.) 1) Complete awesomeness to its fullest extent. 2) Incredible, beyond anything you could imagine. awesome, wonderful and way cool. 3) Awesomeness in its purest form.

These definitions work. They are positive. They aren’t so formal that you couldn’t easily share them with your friends. They are creative, simple to understand and fun, just like us. Well, don’t we think we are the BombDiggity? Actually, we are!

  • We are one-stop integrated marketing, advertising, branding and public relations awesomeness to its fullest extent. From brand strategy to campaign implementation; from print design, to web presence, to video production; from meaningful social media to intelligent digital and traditional media placement, BOMBDIGGITY has your back.
  • We serve our clients beyond anything they can imagine. We are relatable, approachable and available—we truly work with our clients and develop trusted relationships. Best of all—we do what we say—we deliver results.
  • We are small by design. BOMBDIGGITY is committed to giving our clients direct access to experienced head honchos with gads of experience and industry know-how.
  • BOMBDIGGITY measures results that matter. Data-driven decision-making drives stellar strategy.
  • Our creativity and innovation is awesomeness in its purest form. We dig the creative process and delve in to bring our clients the best of the best. We don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions.
  • We are way cool, but also true professionals with years of practical and proven experience. We know our stuff and we know the market.

Whether your business is selling professional services or thingamabobs, whether you are formal or relaxed, BOMBDIGGITY has the depth and breadth of experience to position you for success.

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