Calling Knoxville Ambassadors! Yep, that’s you!

Knoxville1Thinking about “community” this evening…

While I am passionate about building engaged and fruitful social media communities, that same passion and excitement extends to my physical community, Knoxville, Tennessee.

As individuals, leaders, and businesses we have a responsibility to invest in our communities. We are all informal marketing agencies for where we live. So, I step away from my online world and onto my physical soapbox…

Knoxville, Tennessee is my community—A mid-sized, southeastern city that is a quick hop to the beautiful Smoky Mountains and the home of the University of Tennessee, but Knoxville is much more—so much more! Knoxville has a vibrant downtown, a rich arts community, a robust music scene (name your genre), great outdoor activities great shopping, delicious food that rivals any big city and incredible businesses, non-profits and people.

Tennessee Volunteer spirit is strong in this community. Before launching BombDiggity, I worked in television and oversaw our community efforts. Time and time again I was humbled by the way our community came together to support a neighbor in need. I cannot remember a time where a spoken need was not met: whether it was funding Mobile Meals for the elderly, to saving Helen and Ellen’s Love Kitchen during a tough economic time, to helping families pick up the pieces after traumatic weather, to making Christmas happen for the children of Appalachia through the Mission of Hope. The hearts of East Tennesseans are huge!

If you live in the area, I challenge you to engage—be an ambassador for home. Get the word about our culture, history, activities and opportunities. Support our local businesses, consider stepping up to volunteer with a non-profit or two that you a passionate about, start your business here or encourage someone else to follow their dreams. Use your online community to be a cheerleader for your physical one!

If you haven’t visited Knoxville, you should. In fact, here is the link to the new Knoxville City & Visitor Guide that was just released. Make the time to visit this awesome city and then tell your friends about its cool vibe and exciting opportunities.

Knoxville is the BOMBDIGGITY!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about your community–What do you love about Knoxville? If you are not from this area, why should someone visit your city? I love to add new destinations to the “must go see” list.

EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! Here is a great local campaign. I will always be proud of this work. To me it screams pride of place. It is called “Knoxville, That’s My Hometown” and was inspired by an old 45 that was found at a garage sale. In the late 60’s, the record would be given to customers of the Cas Walker grocery store who purchased a certain amount of sausage. Funny, right?

Original Jingle “Knoxville, That’s my Hometown” shot on 8mm camera looking at new Knoxville through an old lens

Then we asked local musicians to be inspired by the original song and write their own version. They were all in…and I was in awe of the talent and heart that they each brought to the project. Enjoy their versions and see Knoxville through their eyes…

3 thoughts on “Calling Knoxville Ambassadors! Yep, that’s you!

  1. We offer competitive sports to our home school community here in Knoxville. Currently with 16 teams and 6 sports. This program is ran by volunteers to provide these opportunities to these students.

  2. Moved back to Knoxville last year from South Carolina after being away for 12 yrs to be with grown sons and family. Knoxville is a great place to raise your family, worship at your church, eat at more restaurants than people, and is a nature lovers dream. Knoxville has what you want and not Atlanta traffic.

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