Bombdiggity Community Connections

HELP-YOUR-BUSINESS-300x172Part of your responsibly as a local company is to connect and give back to your community. Lucky for you it’s not just the right thing to do, it is also good for business (and employee morale too!) There are several approaches to community efforts.

  1. All In and Everything is a YES – ever worked anywhere that sponsors everything? Their logo is never missing from the area t-shirts, the donations are plentiful. In my years at WBIR (Knoxville’s NBC Affiliate) this was the approach. My boss clearly communicated to me that part of my job was to “Try to always say yes” to every community sponsorship request. While a television station can do this better than most, it certainly doesn’t allow for the greatest impact for any organization–in fact, it can really water down your efforts and brand overall.
  2. All Eggs in One Basket – this approach is the exact opposite. Choose a cause and invest 100% towards positioning your business and employees to create maximum impact for the donations, sponsorships and efforts. This approach is strong for brand building, however, be careful not to alienate your employees by choosing a cause that no one cares about. Giving back should be gratifying for your team as a whole, not a chore. Which brings me to the final approach…
  3. Go with the Company/Employee Flow – brainstorm with your employees. find out what causes they feel passionate about. What kind of business are you in? Is there a natural tie to your industry or business focus? (e.g., a bank supporting entrepreneurship or financial education)  Decide as a company 3-4 events/causes to support each year that everyone commits to supporting. It’s always helpful if you can choose an event/effort each quarter perhaps instead of cramming them all into a couple of months.

Maximum Impact + Maximum Engagement = BOMBDIGGITY Community Efforts 

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