5 Keys to Successful Brand Building

So…you want to build a brand? Join the club! Businesses and individuals are starting, building, tweaking and overhauling brands every day. The moment that you feel as if you have completed the task is the moment that you can expect your brand to begin a downhill journey. Building a brand is an endless and ongoing effort, but there are a few keys to success that can help keep it on track.

1) Be Simple
Make sure your brand is defined and that it is simple. What do you promise your clients? What makes you different? Be clear on who you are and what you are promising. It is just that simple!

2) Be Consistent
Make sure that your brand is always represented in the same way. Visually you should have some branding guidelines that are easy for everyone to adhere to but it goes far beyond the visual. Your brand is defined by the experience your customers/clients have through your interactions with them. Their perception can make or break a brand, make sure it is up to par with what you are promising!

3) Be Persistent
Good brands are not built overnight! Be persistent with your message and efforts and practice a bit of patience. Consider the long-term return for your company. Continually put out brand messages to engage your customers and monitor their brand experience. Consistently communicate and support your brand promise across all mediums. You want your brand top of mind and to be something that people can repeat to their friends!

4) Be Focused
You cannot be the best at everything. Be careful not to expand too fast, add too many new markets or create an abundance of new product lines. Any new ventures that your brand takes on should truly support the brand and be consistent with your brand promise. Diversify or grow too much too fast and what is your specialty? What messages are you sending? Analyze each opportunity carefully as you could really damage the brand that you have worked so hard to build!

5) Be BombDiggity
Just “be awesomeness in its purest form” every single day. Live and love your brand, live up to what you promise and you will build loyal customers/clients.


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