Lucky 13 List for Leaders who want to Engage Employees and Create Brand Ambassadors [Infographic]

You are a leader. You head to the office, park your car, enter the office and say “hello” to your employees. You work your tail off allllll day long and then head home to hopefully disconnect a while, sleep, and start all over again the next day. We all get too busy and focused simply on the day-to-day tasks, the financials, the big picture, trying to make customers happy, and dealing with the daily fires that have to be put out. But, HOLD UP! SLOW DOWN! Your employees not only DO the work that makes your business profitable, but they are also your company’s best brand ambassadors (that money can’t buy). The daily interactions your employees have with you impacts how they talk about you as a leader and your company as a place to work, do business or share with others.

In “Field of Dreams” a voice repeatedly tells Kevin Costner’s character to “Build it and they will come.” We agree! Create an organizational culture that supports, recognizes, and rewards employees–and those happy and engaged employees will go out and say great things about you! They will spread the word in their interactions with your customers, through their social media posts with their friends, and in their conversations with your company’s prospective recruits. As positive brand ambassadors, the return on that investment is huge!

The 2016 Gallup State of the Workplace report shares that 67% of employees are “not engaged” or are “actively disengaged” at work.

CRAZY! Right? Make your company the exception to this unfortunate fact. If you want employees saying good things about you and evangelizing for you, here is our “Lucky 13” list of things that we hope resonate and inspire you to be a BOMBDIGGITY leader.

Employees WANT TO…

  1. Trust you.
  2. Be a part of your story.
  3. Feel good about their work.
  4. Be a part of something bigger than them.
  5. Have responsibility and not be micro-managed.
  6. Be recognized/rewarded when they do a good job.
  7. Connect with you in a meaningful and purposeful way.
  8. Grow and develop in their positions.
  9. Be evaluated fairly.
  10. Do work that is meaningful and with people that they care about.
  11. Have customers that are happy with you and what you do. (goods or services).
  12. Have fun at work.
  13. LOVE their job.

Employee Engagement

Jules Morris BombDiggity CEOJules Morris has more than 20 years of award-winning marketing, advertising, and branding experience. Her marketing passions include brand strategy, building brand evangelists, and all things social media. Jules has worked with strong and reputable brands during her career such as The Super Bowl, Samsung Electronics, PYA, LBMC, The Heartland Series and was the marketing director and brand manager for WBIR-TV. Jules gets the “big picture” of brand strategy and marketing.

Dr Lane Morris, BombDiggity(Lane) Morris interests include Leadership Brand Development, Executive Coaching, Organizational Development, Strategic HR, Family Business & Entrepreneurship, Work & Life Harmony, and Stress/Health/Wellness. A popular speaker, his work has appeared in journals such as Organizational Research Methods, Human Resource Development Quarterly, Family Relations, Advances in Developing Human Resources, Logistics Quarterly, International Journal of Management & Enterprise Management among many others. Dr. Morris received his Ph.D. from The University of Tennessee with graduate degree work emphasizing in different dimensions of leadership, organizational development, and counseling. His favorite BombDiggity hobbies include golf, going to the lake or beach, traveling the world with his wife, and hanging out with the kids and grandchild

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