Building Meaningful Relationships with Social Media

Social Media Blog GraphicMany companies see social media as a sporting event–the one who finishes with the most fans wins.  But what does it all really mean? The fact is that when it comes to social media, it’s not the numbers but the relationships that count. And when it comes to relationships, real or virtual, it’s authenticity that will truly determine their value.

That’s not to say that having large numbers isn’t a good thing.  Sure it is!  But, ultimately, the quality of the conversation you’re having with your community is what really matters. So how can you make it meaningful and also make sure to resonate with people?  Here are a few tips.

Let’s be Real Here 

Use social media to participate in conversations.  Be authentic and exchange ideas.  Let your individual or brand personality show through.

Don’t Censor

People have opinions.  Social media is a natural place for your customers to express them.  Don’t delete their comments, address them.  Each of those seemingly negative comments is an incredible opportunity to answer a concern or question.  It also conveys to your followers that you are listening, responsive and that you care.

The Buck Stops on Social

Stop sending your customers all over the place.  Equip your social media admins with the ability to truly answer your customer concerns.  No one wants to be volleyed from one person to another and yet another only to still be in search of their answer.  Let the buck stop with you. Engage the customer in real time, get them answers, and convey the information with confidence.  Their loyalty will follow.

Niches are Nice

Spend your energy targeting the people that are truly interested in your service or product and then engage them. These are the people that liked you because a friend recommended you or ones that have already visited your website and then chose to follow you on social media as well.  Mass numbers are fine, but the real, true, and engaged target audience deserves your attention.

Nurture Ambassadors

Can you name a few people who are passionate about your brand?  Zero in on them, engage them, reward them, encourage them — nurture them and they will gladly convince others that your brand is the greatest!  The most important thing is that you are making sure that you are worth talking about.  Is your brand defined?  Do you deliver what you promise?  Happy customers and outstanding customer service are musts but take it one step further.  Think of your customers as friends.  If you befriend just a few people that are passionate about you, they will share.  They will connect on social through sharing, commenting, linking, and liking and your message will be spread.

Social Media has become another face for your business.  Take the opportunity to show people what it’s like to be your friend and to do business with you. It’s not about the numbers, it’s about making your numbers count.


Jules Morris BombDiggity CEOJules Morris has more than 20 years of award-winning marketing, advertising, and branding experience. Her marketing passions include brand strategy, building brand evangelists, and all things social media. Jules has worked with strong and reputable brands during her career such as The Super Bowl, Samsung Electronics, PYA, LBMC, The Heartland Series and was the marketing director and brand manager for WBIR-TV. Jules gets the “big picture” of brand strategy and marketing.

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