Be a People Gardener

Gardeners are grounded, down-to-earth, nurturers. They are giddy for the opportunity to play in the dirt and are delighted at the bounty that nature offers. The tiniest bloom may be a huge accomplishment and they celebrate each one! 🌱🌿🌳 Gardeners nurture—pruning away the dead and broken to allow their subjects to grow stronger and reach … Continue reading Be a People Gardener

Give it your all

Watching my 100-pound chocolate lab, Bear, play in the lake this weekend inspired me to strive to be more like him. Bear is a role model for life. Well, maybe he eats a little too much and maybe he has been known to destroy a gutter or two, but don't we all have things in … Continue reading Give it your all

Scatter Seeds

A year or so ago I met a sweet older lady who gifted me some dried flower pods. She told me to "scatter 'em in the dirt and walk away." So, being a woman that respects her elders, I did just that--I scattered those seeds on hard, red clay dirt at our lake cabin and … Continue reading Scatter Seeds

Who is The BombDigg?

Who is this "TheBombDigg" who seems to be committed to living a life of "awesomeness in its purest form" full of positivity and encouraging others?  Well, my name is Jules Morris and I can assure you that as positive and full of sunshine as you may think I am, I too have bad days.  Let's … Continue reading Who is The BombDigg?

Collecting is for things, Social Media is for ENGAGING

I am a collector by nature... I collect Fire-King Jadite dishes from the 50's, fish-shaped bitter bottles, unofficially I like lady bugs, I have more pairs of shoes than any woman should be allowed to own and have a huge affinity for accessories in general. Collecting is fun, it gives me a goal when I … Continue reading Collecting is for things, Social Media is for ENGAGING

Dogs and Brand Building (yes, I can make a connection)

Anyone who knows me, know that my family lost a longtime furry family member this week. Bogey was the most loyal, loving, trustworthy, wonder dog that has ever been created--and I'm not biased at all.  He was in it for us every single day and we never questioned it.  That got me thinking...(or maybe it's … Continue reading Dogs and Brand Building (yes, I can make a connection)

Some Brain Food for Thought from Paradise

Boarding a plane and headed home after 5 days in Cancun with girlfriends--the two hour flight to Atlanta has me reflecting. While I did not completely unplug from work or life over the past few days, I have pulled back and allowed myself to relax and recharge. The best observation I have is that in … Continue reading Some Brain Food for Thought from Paradise

Daring Greatly

If Theodore Roosevelt's words don't inspire you a bit today, not much will. Dare Greatly and BE BOMBDIGGITY! It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is … Continue reading Daring Greatly