Awesome brands have a team of evangelists that go out and share the good news.  Are you developing the brand ambassadors and leaders that you want within your organization? BOMBDIGGITY, LLC works one-on-one, provides workshops, builds programs, and delivers keynote sessions to help your ambassadors set goals, communicate your brand, leverage their talents, become more engaged, and identify pathways to become their very best for you.  The most engaged employees are your best brand ambassadors.  It’s not voodoo.  As brand converts, they have the authentic zeal and the passion, the purpose and the drive, and the enthusiasm and energy to go above and beyond with your customers and promote your brand message.

BOMBDIGGITY, LLC develops awesome brand ambassadors that provide a spark igniting a wildfire about your brand.  We ask the important questions to encourage ambassadors to learn about who they are, who your customers are, build personal and brand awareness, and develop key insights and reflections on your brand. Equipped with defined strategies and goals, we then encourage them to stretch themselves and lead the internal/external charge as your brand ambassadors.