What does BOMBDIGGITY mean?

Bombdiggity [bäm-dig-it-ee] (adj.) 1) Awesomeness in its purest form. 2) Incredible, beyond anything you could imagine. awesome, wonderful and way cool. 3) Complete awesomeness to its fullest extent. 

BOMBDIGGITY is positive, informal, creative, and fun — just like us!  We have the tools to help you discover the magic and awesomeness of your brand. We also develop way cool leaders and brand ambassadors who are energized by an organizational culture that is beyond anything you can imagine.

But, BOMBDIGGITY, LLC is more than that.  It’s a calling to a way of life. To BE BOMBDIGGITY is a daily decision and a mindset to live a life of “awesomeness in its purest form.” It is a positive mantra that seeps into your soul and encourages you to push to be the best that you can be. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that?

We promise BOMBDIGGITY to our clients and encourage others to find it within their own lives and businesses.

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Human-Centered Leadership in London

25 Global Leadership Scholars from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville + Human-Centered Design + A Challenge + Leadership Skills + London = Amazing ideas and innovations.   The challenge–How might we delight London tourists?  24 interviews with tourists from 17 countries and they had gathered the insights to create some truly innovative products, services, and experiences … Continue reading Human-Centered Leadership in London

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Your brand is more than your product, more than a logo or font and, more than a tag line. Your brand is your story.  How does your customer perceive you?  How does your customer engage and relate to you? What do you promise your customers? What’s it like to work for you? Do your marketing efforts paint the picture you want to see?  What are you passionate about?

Data-driven, but wildly creative, we understand the balance of art and science in marketing and brand development.  BOMBDIGGITY, LLC has the know-how to find the unique and authentic core of your brand identity. Then we use our honed wizardry and arsenal of tools to help strategize and communicate your brand awesomeness.

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Awesome brands have a team of evangelists that go out and share the good news.  Are you developing the brand ambassadors and leaders that you want within your organization? BOMBDIGGITY, LLC works one-on-one, provides workshops, builds programs, and delivers keynote sessions to help your ambassadors set goals, communicate your brand, leverage their talents, become more engaged, and identify pathways to become their very best for you.  The most engaged employees are your best brand ambassadors.  It’s not voodoo.  As brand converts, they have the authentic zeal and the passion, the purpose and the drive, and the enthusiasm and energy to go above and beyond with your customers and promote your brand message.

BOMBDIGGITY, LLC develops awesome brand ambassadors that provide a spark igniting a wildfire about your brand.  We ask the important questions to encourage ambassadors to learn about who they are, who your customers are, build personal and brand awareness, and develop key insights and reflections on your brand. Equipped with defined strategies and goals, we then encourage them to stretch themselves and lead the internal/external charge as your brand ambassadors.

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BOMBDIGGITY Organizational Cultures

BOMBDIGGITY cultures have more engaged employees, higher customer satisfaction/loyalty, stronger brand equity.  They are different and they stand out from the rest of the pack.  From small to large businesses, on or off-line, social entrepreneurs or family run, from non-profit to all kinds of profit — BOMBDIGGITY, LLC works with you to optimize your awesomeness.  From marketing to manpower, we take a strategic and holistic look at the organizational culture to uncover your awesomeness in its purest form. BOMBDIGGITY, LLC was born in developing people and marketing –it’s our roots and special-sauce that we bring to any consulting opportunity.

Our recipe:  Positive People + Brand Acumen + Dynamic Culture = BOMBDIGGITY for your business.

The reputations of winning companies is built on a value-proposition recipe of keeping promises of the brand, keeping promises to employees, and most importantly, keeping promises to customers. BOMBDIGGITY, LLC works with you to clarify, communicate, and live your promises.