What does BOMBDIGGITY mean?

Bombdiggity [bäm-dig-it-ee] (adj.) 1) Awesomeness in its purest form. 2) Incredible, beyond anything you could imagine. awesome, wonderful and way cool. 3) Complete awesomeness to its fullest extent. 


BOMBDIGGITY is positive, informal, creative, and fun — just like us!  We have the tools to help you discover the magic and awesomeness of your organization.

As experts in Human Centered Leadership & Design, we love inspiring and mobilizing people to tackle tough challenges and do things that matter.  What could be more BombDiggity than that?

We keep people at the center of the tough challenges that we tackle.  People have dreams/aspirations, hopes/fears, likes/dislikes, pleasures/pains, and goals/ambitions. By placing people at the center of the process, we help you create solutions that get results. We partner with you to gain inspiration, develop insights, generate and test ideas, and identify solutions that you can implement and get results.

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Organizations of all kinds have thorny and wicked challenges that need to be tackled.


The varieties of CHALLENGES are numerous and need a customized approach to remain competitive.

  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Goal Setting
  • Customer Satisfaction, identity, responsiveness, etc.
  • Discover and unleash Human Capabilities
  • New Product/Services
  • Experiences
  • Measurement
  • Marketing/Communication
  • Culture
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Here is one likely scenario…

We dive in and learn about your organization

We prepare to tackle your tough challenges

We set goals with you

We develop a plan with you

We help you execute the plan

We consistently communicate to keep things on track

Tackling tough challenges is hard work…

It doesn’t happen overnight.

If it did, they wouldn’t be tough.

But with patience, the tide begins to turn.

Goals are reached.

Your bottom line begins to reflect your commitment.

People notice.

Then, you love us.

It comes down to meeting your needs.

We adapt and work with you to continue to progress.

Maybe we tackle a new wicked and thorny challenge with you?

Our relationship continues because you see value and results.

Let’s get to work!

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Jules Morris
has more than 25 years of award-winning marketing, branding, and design experience. Jules earned Master of Science from The University of Tennessee and is currently pursuing her PhD with an emphasis on leadership. Her passions include leadership development, Human-Centered Design and innovation, brand strategy, story-telling, and digital marketing. In 2008, Jules studied Human-Centered Design at IDEO Headquarters in Palo Alto, California becoming a certified Human-Centered Design (HCD) Facilitator before leading workshops across the United States for Gannett (2009-2012). Jules has created innovative solutions with some of the strongest brands across numerous industries–The Super Bowl, Samsung Electronics, Mitsubishi, Tegna, Gannett, and locally, WBIR-TV.  LinkedIn Profile


Michael (Lane) Morris is the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Student Affairs and the Fisher Professor of Innovation in the Haslam College of Business at The University of Tennessee. Dr. Morris received his Ph.D. from The University of Tennessee and has completed executive education coursework on Adaptive Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School. He is a continual student of Human-Centered Leadership & Human-Centered Design and has completed multiple certifications of coursework through IDEO. He holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry/Biology, as well as, a Master’s degree with an emphasis in leadership, development, and counseling. Prior to his employment transition into higher education, Dr. Morris worked as a Special Projects Engineer for Teledyne Firth Sterling.  LinkedIn Profile

We are good

Ok, not at everything, but we do have some strengths that we bring to your organization. We apply Human-Centered Leadership & Design to these challenges. In helping our clients tackle their tough challenges, we rely on our strengths.

  • Human-Centered Design Innovation Process
  • Listening
  • Interviewing
  • Mining innovation and creativity
  • Finding latent needs
  • Storytelling/narrative
  • Communication
  • Facilitation
  • Leader and leadership development (coaching, etc)
  • Seeing and understanding the big picture
  • Strategy building
  • Analyzing and solving problems
  • Marketing and brand building
  • Event planning
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The Power of Stories

People think in stories, so it’s no surprise that storytelling can be a powerful tool for human centered leaders. Storytelling helps human centered leaders gain better insight into how people view the world, which in turn leads to more effective decision-making. Let’s explore the importance of gathering stories from people in order to gain a … Continue reading The Power of Stories