Be a People Gardener

Gardeners are grounded, down-to-earth, nurturers. They are giddy for the opportunity to play in the dirt and are delighted at the bounty that nature offers. The tiniest bloom may be a huge accomplishment and they celebrate each one! 🌱🌿🌳 Gardeners nurture—pruning away the dead and broken to allow their subjects to grow stronger and reach … Continue reading Be a People Gardener

Give it your all

Watching my 100-pound chocolate lab, Bear, play in the lake this weekend inspired me to strive to be more like him. Bear is a role model for life. Well, maybe he eats a little too much and maybe he has been known to destroy a gutter or two, but don't we all have things in … Continue reading Give it your all

Scatter Seeds

A year or so ago I met a sweet older lady who gifted me some dried flower pods. She told me to "scatter 'em in the dirt and walk away." So, being a woman that respects her elders, I did just that--I scattered those seeds on hard, red clay dirt at our lake cabin and … Continue reading Scatter Seeds

Who is The BombDigg?

Who is this "TheBombDigg" who seems to be committed to living a life of "awesomeness in its purest form" full of positivity and encouraging others?  Well, my name is Jules Morris and I can assure you that as positive and full of sunshine as you may think I am, I too have bad days.  Let's … Continue reading Who is The BombDigg?

Apps for Awesome Social Media Visuals

93% of the most engaging images on Facebook include graphics. Are your social media graphics engaging? Have no fear if you aren't a designer or a photoshop expert. There are some great tools out there that make creating social media visuals a snap and make you look like a pro in no time!

BombDiggity Building Meaningful Relationships with Social Media Blog Header

Building Meaningful Relationships with Social Media

Many companies see social media as a sporting event--the one who finishes with the most fans wins. But what does it all really mean? The fact is that when it comes to social media, it’s not the numbers but the relationships that count. And when it comes to relationships, real or virtual, it's authenticity that will truly determine their value.

BombDiggity Business of Story

BOMBDIGGITY “Business of Story”

I recently attended Social Media Marketing World and the most BOMBDIGGITY, session that I heard was from Park Howell. The man just spoke to my heart. Not only did he have an authentic and unassuming style, but every single thing he said resonated with my own philosophy of brand-building.

Employee Brand Ambassadors are the Loyal Labradors for Successful Companies—Giving Your Brand an Authentic Voice through the People that Know it Best.

Employee Brand Ambassadors are the Loyal Labradors for Successful Companies---Giving Your Brand an Authentic Voice through the People that Know it Best. It's time to give them a voice!

Lucky 13 List for Leaders who to create brand ambassadors with their employees

Lucky 13 List for Leaders who want to Engage Employees and Create Brand Ambassadors [Infographic]

HOLD UP! SLOW DOWN! Your employees not only DO the work that makes your business profitable, but they are also your company’s best brand ambassadors (that money can’t buy). The daily interactions your employees have with you impacts how they talk about you as a leader and your company as a place to work, do business or share with others.