What is Human-Centered Leadership?

Turn on your television, look at your social media feed, or read any headline from your favorite newspaper, magazine, and/or trade journal and immediately, you’ll recognize that our world seems to be in a hot-mess! Our current state of affairs has us in a tug-of-war over polarizing politics, swimming in a sea of corporate greed, overwhelmed with the intrusiveness of technology, anxiously adjusting to a global pandemic, engaged in cultural wars, and divided along the lines of socio-economics, diversity, race, and gender.

With everything happening around us, it’s natural for us to feel stressed, anxious, afraid, angry, and nervous. Plain and simple—we need Human Centered Leadership more than ever before.

As a leadership approach and philosophy, Human Centered Leadership recognizes that all of us are human. Each of us have wants, needs, pains, fears, hopes, motivations, aspirations, and dreams—everything basic to our human nature. Human Centered Leadership is about putting people first—YOU & ME. We are less “self-centered” and more “other-centered.” And in being so, each of us becomes more dedicated and committed to working together to develop impactful and meaningful solutions concerning things we humans care about—that is creating solutions that we “ALL” care about.

Human Centered Leadership is “inspiring and mobilizing others to tackle tough challenges and do things that matter.”

We are dedicated to learning and sharing more about Human Centered Leadership (HCL). This blog and our social media sites are a place for us to have a conversation about leadership—a very different kind of leadership. We will do everything we can to keep the conversation meaningful, enjoyable, and insightful. Our goal will be to keep the leadership conversation conversational. We will ask your opinion, invite you to share your leadership journey, and challenge you to think about how Human Centered Leadership will make you a more effective and impactful leader in your organization, community, and home.

Come join us in this leadership journey. The journey should be BOMBDIGGITY.

Human centered leadership definition

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