Who is The BombDigg?


Who is this “TheBombDigg” who seems to be committed to living a life of “awesomeness in its purest form” full of positivity and encouraging others?  Well, my name is Jules Morris and I can assure you that as positive and full of sunshine as you may think I am, I too have bad days.  Let’s face it, life is not always easy and challenging times are inevitable.   I am not a “happy robot” or a “Suzie Sunshine” all of the time (just ask my husband)! I am a feeler, a thinker, a creative, a marketer, a maker, a student of human-centered design, a businesswoman, a mentor, a leader, wife, mom, grandmother, and friend. All of which are great roles that I cherish, but they do not equal a perfect life. In fact, being all of those things at once can actually lead to some pretty stressful situations.

Eight years ago I started a small marketing agency, BombDiggity LLC.   As I would share the name with people they would always smile and say, “I love that name.  It’s so positive.”   Well folks, I agree. I adore the name of my company!  At this point in the game, I’d like to think that I embody the attitude that it demands. That attitude for me, however, is a daily decision.  BombDiggity means “awesomeness in its purest form,” and while I do not even begin to claim that I reach that goal on any given day, I sure do wake up each morning reaching for it!

So, here’s something you would probably never guess about me… I struggled with depression for more than 25 years.  Sometimes seasonal, some years sporadic, but definitely a thread through my life since my 20’s.  The fear of a being labeled as weak or another lame stigma, and a reluctance to take any kind of regular medication kept me from owning it.

I always functioned well at work, my drive and pride pushed me forward, but the quiet monster threaded and weaved its tentacles through other parts of my life and kept me from being truly vulnerable in my relationships.  Would these people truly love me if they knew I was broken?  I was anxious and didn’t really TRUST anyone but the Lord to love me as I was. It was a terrible cycle of “stinkin’ thinkin'” and moreover, it wasn’t true!

It was time to break an unhealthy cycle. Be BombDiggity started as a personal decision, a take charge mantra that screamed “this is the kind of life that I intend to have and I am committed to making it happen!”  And something happened… I opened my heart and I found my voice.  I made the decision to be vulnerable in my closest relationships and found a new peace and unimaginable depth of love.  Sure, I started taking a small daily dose of prophylactic medication too, but that was such a tiny part of the change.  This shift has been the most liberating and empowering in my entire life.

So, how can I encourage others to find their path to Be BombDiggity?  That became the question…  I’m still passionate about it and am always seeking those answers.  I’m a continual observer and student of people!  I don’t pretend to be a counselor or an expert and I’m certainly giving glory to Christ who has held and encouraged me along this journey. But, I’m just a 49-year-old woman who has lived a good life and has learned to love and accept herself.  I’m emotionally agile–I can embrace the positives and the negatives of life and keep my head held high.  The result is more confidence, strength, drive, passion, depth of relationships and just more LIFE.

So, that’s who TheBOMBDIGG or Be BombDiggity is–just Jules Morris. This blog is my story and found inspiration. Keeping it real and enjoying the winding roads and hills and valleys that lead to awesomeness. I hope you come along.

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