Homelessness in London

Over the past several years, I have definitely noticed an increased number of people living homeless on the streets of London.  London’s homelessness crisis has risen dramatically with the Eventing Standard reporting 170,000 people in the capital are without a home as of November 2018.  One very cold morning I captured a photo of a man who was barefoot and it was apparent that he had not worn shoes for quite some time.  It struck me how person after person just passed by and refused to make eye contact with him. 

I took these photos to in an attempt to capture this crisis, but I also made a point to stop and talk to several people who had found themselves homeless.  I met one man who now works for a non-profit.  He had lost his child and wife and simply couldn’t function for a period of time–he lost everything. 

How fast we can all fall.  It was a humbling experience.

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