Sunday Morning at St. Andrews

I love Scotland.  I love the Scottish people.  They have a happy-go-lucky attitude that just speaks to me.  The Scots seem to like everyone (well, they don’t really seem to adore the Queen).  A Sunday at St. Andrews is something to savor.  On Sunday’s only the Old Course is open like a park and people can walk across it.  The course is full of families playing, frolicking dogs, and couples strolling arm-in-arm.  I hardly think that this would be an option for a fancy golf course in the United States and that makes me appreciate the walk even more.  The golf course is right beside the North Sea.  The beach is beautiful–so beautiful that they used it for the movie Chariots of Fire (Ok, so some of you young ones won’t even remember that reference but take my word for it–it is beautiful!).  It struck me funny that even on a cold February day, people were bundled up and playing at the beach. However, I must agree that it is never to cold to enjoy some scenic sand and surf.

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