Some Brain Food for Thought from Paradise

Boarding a plane and headed home after 5 days in Cancun with girlfriends–the two hour flight to Atlanta has me reflecting. While I did not completely unplug from work or life over the past few days, I have pulled back and allowed myself to relax and recharge. The best observation I have is that in those times that I slow down and chill, my creative side is on fire! I laid in my cushy lounge chair with an ocean front view and idea after idea bubbled into my resting brain. I am generally always in the go go go and rarely stop to just listen to my creative brain–I’m usually pressuring it to perform and not allowing it to just work in the background. Maybe we all could use a little brain silence? Maybe the depth of our ideas and inspiration would be that much more rich for the purposeful effort of doing nothing but relaxing every once in a while? I’m a believer! I’m going to make a point to MAKE that quiet time for myself even without the ocean and cushy chair. Ideas and inspiration are BOMBDIGGITY!



One thought on “Some Brain Food for Thought from Paradise

  1. I lived in Bath Springs, Tennessee for about 3 months and continued to get
    worse with my sickness and panic. It is very important to control
    your thoughts, because your strength, determination and
    ability to win over anxiety can only let
    you overcome it. The important thing is not to let them takeover or dominate your life.

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