Dogs and Brand Building (yes, I can make a connection)

Anyone who knows me, know that my family lost a longtime furry family member this week. Bogey was the most loyal, loving, trustworthy, wonder dog that has ever been created–and I’m not biased at all.  He was in it for us every single day and we never questioned it.  That got me thinking…(or maybe it’s just therapy) but Bogey wasn’t just born all of those things, we nurtured that in him — treated him with constant love respect and in return we enjoyed an awesome loyal friend.

So–forgive my therapeutic analogy here—

Your customers are your dog:  

  • You have to love them – nurture their needs, communicate clearly, listen to them, repeat important messages, affirm them.
  • You have to respect them–deliver what you promise, don’t abuse their trust, don’t disappoint.

Have you ever heard the quote “One day I hope to be the person my dog thinks I am?”  Well, it also applies to my analogy – We strive to be the company that our customers thinks we are (and want us to be).  Customers want to believe in their favorite brands, want to know that they are good–they WANT to love you.

Pour yourself into your customers and nurture their love, loyalty and trust–its a daily and diligent effort, but the return outweighs the effort by a hundredfold.

This message was approved by Bogey the Wonder Dog

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