Give it your all

Watching my 100-pound chocolate lab, Bear, play in the lake this weekend inspired me to strive to be more like him. Bear is a role model for life.

Well, maybe he eats a little too much and maybe he has been known to destroy a gutter or two, but don’t we all have things in our life that we aren’t proud of?

What Bear does best is heart. He gives every single thing 110%. The ball needs chasing? He’s your man. Need someone to soar into the air off the end of a dock and land with a huge belly flop? Bear is up for the job! A walking partner, an eating compadre, a friend? Whatever the task, my pup in going to give it all he has and more. He just doesn’t do anything without pouring his entire being into it.

I like to think about BombDiggity as being like Bear. Waking up each day, deciding to make it count, and then giving it everything that I have. It isn’t about always succeeding in those efforts– the blood, sweat, and tears involved in the effort do indeed count as bringing YOUR “awesomeness in its purest form” to the table. Then he adds the magic ingredient to all of his effort–his positive attitude — the belief that he WILL do it next time, if not the first time, catapults him to keep going.

When I grow up I’d like to be more like my dog! How about you?

Be BombDiggity today!

One thought on “Give it your all

  1. “he has been known to destroy a gutter or two”. lol… I like your take on this. Maybe animals are way better than we are at being in the moment. 110 percent! No less than that. Amazing!

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