Scatter Seeds

A year or so ago I met a sweet older lady who gifted me some dried flower pods. She told me to “scatter ’em in the dirt and walk away.” So, being a woman that respects her elders, I did just that–I scattered those seeds on hard, red clay dirt at our lake cabin and then… I walked away.

So, here we are in the throws of spring a year later and I have learned that my scattered and forgotten seeds have taken root and now boast the loveliest blue and white blooms atop their fern-like greenery. How cool is that? And as my dear friend, Karen (my dot), always says “That’ll preach sister!”

Sometimes you don’t know what your planting. Sometimes you plant those seeds on faith. The soil is not always fertile, and they are often forgotten. But then the rain, the sun, the Good Lord above does His magic and poof! Glorious BLOOMS!

So scatter seeds with wild abandon. Seeds of kindness, love, positivity, and understanding. Seeds of empathy for others. Seeds that mentor and encourage. You may never see the blooms, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t happen!

Be BombDiggity and give BombDiggity every single day (scatter it, and then just walk away…)

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